Onze Kerstboom

Growing up in unabashedly Catholic Philippines, where Christmas songs start playing in September, our Christmas tree came out as early as November each year. I remember having fun decorating it, and took my sweet time to make sure it was all balanced and presentable and I was happy with the final product – all of which maybe should have given my parents a hint of what was to come. We skipped having a tree last year because we were out of town, and had planned to do the same thing this year but as temptation would have it, I’ll be singing ‘O Christmas Tree’ this year after all. It certainly never gets tired.


2 thoughts on “Onze Kerstboom

  1. Maligayang Pasko mula sa Christmas Capital of the World : Manila!!! Nainggit naman ako, hindi galing sa factory ng People's Republic of China yung tree ninyo. Mukhang galing talaga sya sa Pine Forest ng Amsterdam 🙂


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