Pug With A Cute Mug

We had cutie come by our place last Sunday.

I’ve never been a pet person, and have always thought that people who treated their pets as children are borderline, but after a brief visit from my partner’s friend’s pug, Pugsy, I can appreciate more why that is. The little ball of energy was a cutie with the saddest-looking mug, kept himself busy for most of the time, and didn’t bark – not even once. It was so adorable that for one brief shining moment I thought the unthinkable.
If science somehow comes up with one that doesn’t pee on the carpet, doesn’t slobber everywhere, doesn’t scratch my legs red, and doesn’t lick everything in sight (all which Pugsy did), I might, just might, consider getting one. I have a feeling it’ll probably be the same time when pigs start to fly.

4 thoughts on “Pug With A Cute Mug

  1. I know i peed on the carpet.. I'm sorry! but didn't my awesome cute pug mug face make up for that? 🙂

    Still in the learning fase to always pee outside! 🙂

    Thanks for the (P)awesome blog you wrote about me!

    Pugsy the Pug!


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