A LA BERNISSE | Geervliet

After all these years, I still get a kick looking at windmills. Turn one into a classy restaurant and I’m sold.
After visiting my partner’s mother in Hellevoetsluis, in search of lunch my partner suddenly thought of an interesting place that was close by. Intrigued, I said yes immediately, and found that interesting was an understatement. It turned out to be a quaint, high-end looking establishment in the most unlikely of locations – it was in Geervliet, a town so small and indistinctive it may as well have been in the middle of nowhere. Sad to say we never made it through the front door as they were closed that day, but a promise to come back at a later date was enough to allay my disappointment. At risk of high frustration, by hook or by crook, I’ll be back to see what this windmill-turned-white-linen-service-restaurant is all about.



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