APENHEUL | Apeldoorn

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Luxury is being able to have free time – in our case, a whole glorious week – to spend during the best, most beautiful September week ever. In our pursuit of entertainment and simply something to do, my partner wanted to go to the Veluwe National Park for a little nature walk. When we got there, unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling it and spent most of the time in the car while he went to commune. Since we still had the whole afternoon left after that, and as we were in the neighborhood, I suggested we visit some distant relatives who lived nearby. No appointment necessary. 


Without fail, Apenheul kept coming up on road signs whenever we drove east on the A1.  I was told it was a zoo that specialized in apes and monkeys, and though I was curious to see how it was, it wasn’t on the top of my list. Not wanting to waste a gorgeous day, we finally came face to face with the one and only primate park in the country….along with some really fluffy chickens.


At €20 per person, though, plus parking fee, lunch, and gas money, it was definitely not a cheap day trip. The sad part is that, while families are spoiled for choice, those costs are par for the course rather than the exception. I can’t even imagine being a parent and spending so much money for a family outing – this country can be so annoyingly expensive, and frequently at that. While the zoo, as with many others in this country, was impressive and well-presented, practically a primate nirvana, to pay so much money for such an experience will make you want to go ape sometimes.

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