OSDORP TUINCENTRUM 2014 | Pumpkin Patch

Look what’s on sale now at the local garden centre. Halloween isn’t as big here as in the U.S. but they seem to be catching up – quickly.

Along with multi-colored pumpkins, not to be outdone, there were also scarecrows, witches, and broomsticks nearby. I still remember what happened when I bought these last year – cute as they were to look at, when they start spoiling, it’s not a pretty sight. Still wondering if I should get them again this year.

2 thoughts on “OSDORP TUINCENTRUM 2014 | Pumpkin Patch

  1. Oo, naman, get some decors, all in the spirit of Halloween. As soon as its over, throw them out the window and bring out the Christmas tree with the blinking lights!


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