NORDSEE | Münster

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“Nordsee, Where Old People Come To Dine.”

That would be the perfect tagline for Nordsee and which pretty much summed up my impressions of Germany’s largest seafood fastfood chain when we had lunch in Munster. While I was more than glad we didn’t end up in another McDonald’s, the place was just brimming with the elderly that I did feel a little bit out of place. I suppose there must be some anecdotal truth in all the talk about seafood and long life. But God bless Germany though as the saving grace was how cheap everything turned out — case in point, our total order came up to a whopping €21,00, drinks and all. Now, if only Nordsee gets with the program and accepts anything else but cash, that would be great. I’m sure the taxman would appreciate that, as well.

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