Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It was as gezellig as it could get.
After driving almost two hours, we finally reached our destination in s’Heerenberg and I was hungry like a wolf. I whispered a plea that we have something to eat first before doing anything else and out of sheer serendipity found ourselves sitting in an outdoor cafe in front of a medieval carriage house. For one brief shining moment, all was perfect in the world.

A look at the limited menu was disappointing but the surrounding view more than made up for it – I love it when I feel like I’m somewhere on holiday and this was exactly one of those moments. While I have learned to love this country, bitterballen and all, after almost six years any chance to see something new and interesting – meaning, not too typically Dutch –  is enough to make my day. Being surrounded by hundreds of years of history, sun shining bright and sheltered under a very fertile apple tree, the food tasted just a wee bit better.

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