WORK CHRONICLES | Partying Into The Unknown

My company’s mid-year party did not disappoint. Can I just say I’m happily surprised there’s even such a thing. Heaven knows I never saw anything like it in the States.

The excitement began almost immediately after work last Friday, when we were told to troop over to Amsterdam Centraal and board the private ferry to our destination ‘Into The Unknown’. The smoke machine, dancing music and open bar on the ferry was a nice touch. Enjoying a leisurely boat ride on the open deck, over drinks and some munchies, was a nice way to start a party. Thank goodness, the weather cooperated since we would have been soaked getting there.

Once we reached port and started walking over to the party grounds, it was one free smorgasbord after another. Free food and drink – wine and prosecco, burgers, paella, roast chicken, etc., etc. – it was a glutton’s paradise. Whoever thought of giving massage services, shaves, and hairstyling was inspired – and better yet, it was all free! To cap off the night, and since the alcohol had done its work, we all went to a nearby warehouse to trip the light fantastic and then some. As company summer parties go, this one is impossibly hard to beat.

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