WORK CHRONICLES | Classic Breakfast

Our quarterly department breakfast happened last Friday, which meant I had to start the day at my old stomping grounds over by Rembrandt Square. The beautiful green roof was looking extra lively that morning. 


If these regular breakfasts showed me anything, it’s that I’m still amazed by how much this company values social interaction as much as it does the bottom line. Backlog!? What backlog!
The breakfast could have been better but any chance to see the old office is always welcome in my book. Of course, while I was there I came across the much-envied (at least on my part) gaming area filled with the classics – pinball, pool, Pacman. Even the sofa was classic leather. In a way it’s good I suppose that we don’t have this in our current building, otherwise I’d have to take a lot of extra time to make up for all the goofing off I’d be doing. While I don’t always get what I want, fingers crossed I  stay put so I can keep hoping and wanting.

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