I like it when things comes together.My partner and his father made a plan weeks ago to go sailing last Sunday, and thankfully, the weather gods gave us their blessing. While it may have been a bit on the chilly side for August – oddly, I had to wear at least three layers of clothing – all things considered the day couldn’t have started any better. 


The weather did turn sour once or twice along the way so much so that we had to take cover in the inner cabin, consequently leaving my partner’s father outside to steer. I felt a bit sheepish not being able to help or even keep him company but my outfit wasn’t exactly designed for stormy seas. I’m going to have to fix that for next time. Luckily, the rain passed as quickly as it fell, and soon we were back to our leisurely cruising. While we did have some coffee and soda to enjoy along the way, it would have been great to have munchies – some cheese, fruit, and wine would have made the experience even better.


This was probably the fourth time in so many years that I’ve been invited to come along, and I can’t help but feel lucky each time. Conscious of the fact that a hobby like this can’t be cheap, if ever I was into boating I can’t even imagine doing it on my own and wouldn’t even come close to it if I tried. As far as annual family outings go, this one is hard to beat.

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