Good Wood

I haven’t been this excited about a piece of wood in a long time.

Our precious, new shower contraption that had been sitting unassembled in our closet for the past weeks was in need of a missing piece. As our 1960s-era flat is from a time gone by, the plumbing fixtures were a bit off and when it came to replacing certain things, stopgap measures had to be done. Case in point, the bathroom. A space had to be filled in between the thick wall and where the shower rod should be screwed in, and it being the shower area, the solution had to be moisture-resistant (and fingers crossed, good-looking). The previous owner had the idea of using carved teakwood as filler, which was a bright idea but as it turned out was akin to a Yamashita treasure hunt. After my partner’s visits to a couple of furniture makers, several DIY shops, and a plumbing store, he came up with nothing. Finally turning to a friend of his that worked for a boat-building company, lo and behold, it was done just like that. One evening after work we drove over to pick it up and finally, finally had it in our hands! It was a sight for sore eyes, a piece of natural organic beauty, and the end in sight to my one-handed showers these past days.

The only problem — it was the wrong size. smh.

After a period of exasperation and disappointment, I asked if we could possibly, maybe, just perhaps see if we can get another one –  this time with the right dimensions. My partner went ahead and asked – and I waited with bated breath.Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I get a text saying the magic words. “We got it”. Another quick run to pick it up after work, and after some apologies and reassurances, the hope was alive yet again. Would I be able to shower normally once more soon…

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes…or will be as all I’ve done so far is to literally test the waters. This morning I am back to my hands-free existence, and maybe even hum a bit while I rinse and repeat. The moral of story – always have a friend who’s into boatbuilding. They always give good wood.

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