AMSTERDAM WOONMALL | The Wonderful World Of Sani-Dump

Whoever thought of this company’s name needs to brush up on their English.

After several trips over the years, I’m no longer a stranger to Arena Woonmall. It’s one of the most beautiful shopping spaces I’ve seen anywhere, definitely one of the best in the country. We went back there yesterday with the intention of window-shopping a new setup for our aged and somewhat depressing bath area – simply to get inspiration. Weeks back, after visiting beautiful but fancy and overpriced Brugman, we came across this store that felt so out of place from the rest. Not only did it have a warehouse layout from the moment we walked in, it also had a somewhat repelling name. Hesitatingly, I went in and was pleasantly surprised.

Never judge a toilet by its cover, so they say. As utilitarian as it looked, after walking around a bit I was taken aback by the A-brand merchandise and how much cheaper it was compared to what I’d seen in the other stores, even the ones online. Coupled with it being sale season, it was almost impossible not to take advantage of what was there and lack of intention notwithstanding, we bit the bullet and ended up taking a few items home with us. The world of Sani-Dump may not smell so nice from the outside, it was a breath of fresh air inside.


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