So Much Trepidation, So Little Time

After days and months of hemming and hawing, we finally made the giant leap to actually firming up our more-than-likely one-and-only holiday for the year.

First trip suggestion was an ambitious drive to the Italian and French Rivieras, which was replaced by a city trip to Vienna, which then morphed into a shopping trip to London. Doubts about our work situation and wondering whether we should invest in home improvements instead stubbornly kept getting in the way and clouding everything – it was always a question of should we or shouldn’t we! Scheduling it, in the meantime, was a toss-up between our common holiday break in September, on my partner’s birthday in November, or during the Christmas break. All throughout, my prevailing thought was…if this is going to be our only trip this year, it has to be unforgettable. In the end we both decided on a country neither of us had yet been to, at a hotel that’s good any season, during the most wonderful time of the year. I hear the Christmas markets in Prague can be quite beautiful.

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