I’ve always believed a little bit of shopping therapy is a good thing — though my overly-sensitive bank account might strongly disagree.

I seemed to have forgotten how far the Bataviastad outlets were from our place that I felt a bit impatient as we drove along the highway, and found myself thinking of my earlier-in-life road trips to Potomac Mills in Maryland. Those covered the same travelling time from where I lived on Thomas Circle back then, and as it is right now, it’s not easy at all to get to without a car, and given the distance there had to be a good reason to make the trip that far. For this weekend excursion, I ended up getting just a couple of on-sale shirts at my favorite crocodile store while my partner made like a fiend and got double that number. Not much of a shopping spree, admittedly, but it was all I was willing to pony up that weekend. Next time I go I think I’d better stuff my wallet first just to make the trip a tad more worthwhile.

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