I was in my former office on Rembrandt Square for a morning meeting and was curious enough to go around and see how the renovations were going. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

The fifth floor where the cafeteria and dining area are located had row upon row of €200 Eames chairs and several €400 Vibia ceiling lamps. Granted they’re wholesale prices but still! I’d been eyeing the same lamp (after a really big discount) for our bedroom and the chairs for our living room but after seeing the fifth floor, I’d have to rethink those plans.

Further down the room even more surprising were pinball machines and retro arcade games. What is going on here!

While there’s a chance our team will get stationed back to this building, I’m sensible enough not to hold my breath. Given how our team alone is growing and since our company already occupies most of the building floors, there’s simply no space for our entire department. It’s becoming more and more a reality that I’ll just be an occasional visitor to company central. And that just makes me sad.

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