Filipinos Are Delicious!

My Spanish colleague has returned from another trip to her motherland and come back with some aptly-named chocolate-covered goodness just for me.

These were never sold in the Philippines (or anywhere else except Spain as far as I knew) but I’d actually heard of them long before I moved to Europe. A news item came up years ago about some people from the Philippines making a fuss out of the fact that the biscuits were white on the inside and dark on the outside, which in effect alluded to the colonial mentality of Filipinos, hence the name. Face-palm worthy as it was for showcasing third-world oversensitivity, thankfully, this movement by so-called nationalists with nothing better to do didn’t go too far. Onion-skinned do-gooders with too much time on their hands, much like a road paved with good intentions, can be a deadly combination.

2 thoughts on “Filipinos Are Delicious!

  1. Masarap ang Filipinos! Haha. Pero totoo. They used to sell it here in Sweden but they stopped. Ngayon, tuwing bibiyahe kami, yun ang una kong hinahanap sa local supermarkets. Especially sa Carrefour.

    I clearly remember si Heherson Alvarez at Erap ang nagsabing insulto sa mga pinoy ang Filipinos biscuit. I think mas insulto ito kung hindi ito masarap. Also, I think yung fact na nagkaroon sila ng posisyon sa gobiyerno ang mas malaking insulto.

    Sorry. Naaliw lang ako na may ibang pinoy na gusto din ang Filipinos. Na biscuits. Naaliw rin ako dahil namiss kong magsalita ng Filipino ulit.

    Anyway, I love your site. You are really great at taking photos.


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