WORK CHRONICLES | Wine, Beer And The Open Sea

If this doesn’t build a team, I don’t know what will.Thank the gods our team outing went without a hitch, with the ever-unpredictable Dutch weather as cooperative as it could possibly get. From Amsterdam Central Station, we boarded a 150-year old canal barge and set sail for a two-hour cruise around the nooks and crannies of the capital’s historic canals. Given how temperamental the weather over here is, I have to say we really lucked out – the sun was shining non-stop, with a slight cool wind if you’re in the shade. Life was good indeed.

The two hours went by just like that.
The open bar proved deadly as I was guzzling glasses of wine one after another, and while I pretty much kept my composure, I could definitely feel the buzz as I stepped back onto dry land. As sheer luck and happy coincidence would have it, my partner was idling in traffic right smack in front of me, which made me dash across the road so I could plop in and get an easy and comfortable ride home. If ever there was a perfect confluence of events, this was certainly it.


5 thoughts on “WORK CHRONICLES | Wine, Beer And The Open Sea

  1. Gerry, you really have a jewel of a partner. He swoops in to rescue you at the right moment quite frequently it seems. We're both lucky in that regard. 🙂


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