Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Saturday morning and I’m in the living room doing my usual Saturday morning routine – catching up on American TV shows, Philippine news updates, and feasting on unhealthy breakfast munchies – that is, until my partner came up with a Saturday-worthy idea. The sun was out, the forecast was promising, and we hadn’t done anything fun in a while so off we went into the Veluwe woods.
After getting scrubbed and dressed, a little over an hour later we were seated in a beautiful outdoor terrace ordering an early lunch in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Even if I wasn’t showing it, I was loving the quiet, the warm sun coupled with a cool breeze, the green everywhere. It was quite nice and just what the doctor ordered.

Not only was the weather summer-like, which was an event in itself, the best part was we had the place almost all to ourselves. It also felt like we were on holiday somewhere in Austria or Germany. It’s not as exciting perhaps as being in the hills of Salzburg or the Bavarian Forest but for an hour’s drive away, it was more than a worthy substitute.


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