Gent Again Part Deux

Since we were parked in the vicinity, the first place we went to was actually the cathedral, which from the innumerable signs inside made it quite clear that no pictures were allowed. We pretty much followed that rule up until a huge tour group came out of nowhere clicking like there was no tomorrow – and no, they weren’t Asian – which we pretty much took as a sign that it was okay to do it ourselves. I can understand that rule while there’s service going on but with an empty church, it’s a little incomprehensible. More so since most cathedrals in Europe are practically deserted, it would make more sense to give tourists plenty of leeway. While I didn’t snap away unrestrained, I did try my best to capture the grandeur as best I could before moving on to the rest of the historic center.

Not to complain as mild exhaustion was starting to set in, and much as I wanted to spend the rest of the day in Gent, there really wasn’t much else left to do. After seeing two churches, a Belgian chocolate store, a saint on a bridge, a canal, and a quick trip to a medieval castle, we walked to the busy Korenmarkt, settled for a burger lunch then drove back to Amsterdam. Oh, if only most cities were just as easy to cover. Thanks and till next time, Gent, it was nice knowing you again.

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