Gent Again

I guess I must really have liked it a lot after all.

When we were thinking of places to bring our visiting friends to, The Hague (or any place in the Netherlands, for that matter) just didn’t cut it for me. Maybe because I was just there a few weeks ago, the first thing that came to mind was Gent in Belgium — even if it was three hours away. Surprisingly, my partner didn’t balk at the idea, so after passing on the suggestion to our guests the night before, off we went the next morning back to re-explore the jewel that is Gent.

Thankfully, our leaving at 6 a.m. made sure it wasn’t crowded yet when we got there around 9, with even Mother Nature seemingly cooperating – shorts weather with a slight cool breeze. It was nice to walk around knowing we had more time to just wander aimlessly, less pressured to be somewhere that wasn’t overrun with other tourists. It was definitely better the second time around.

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