At The Carwash

You can sure take the boy out of Manila but not the Manila out of the boy.
We had to have pictures taken of our car to prep it for sale and this meant it had to be cleaned up a little bit. Having always washed cars using a raggedy pail of water, powdered detergent, and a washrag made from old t-shirts, I still get a kick out of going through a car wash like it was a theme park ride. Sitting in there for the maybe five minutes for it to be soaked, lathered, rinsed, and blow-dried was like another small reminder of how easy life can be so long as we can pay for it.

As it seemed that the background was nearly as important as the car in marketing it for sale, we headed into the Amsterdam woods for a quick photo-shoot. Looking all sparkly and shiny, our little Ford did look like a million dollars. Hope we can get just as much for it.


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