While waiting for my partner to finish his class in Utrecht, I took it as an opportunity to do a little solo-trekking around the the city. While my plan was to see some of the tourist sights in the old center, I ended up spending hours in my favorite shopping wasteland instead. Starting off with a breakfast of pie and cappuccio, I spent the entire morning looking at inspiration for our flat followed by looking at bargains in the menswear section.


While I was this close to getting shoes I didn’t really need, I did end up with a couple of things I’d long planned on getting for a while now. With nearly no time left, I finally started off exploring the old center, apparently at the same time as a ton of other tourists. I could only go so far given the crowds but miraculously, I found a quiet, hidden square off of the cathedral tower and plopped myself down on a bench to pass the time and watch others go on their way. The weather could have been better but it was pleasant enough – meaning it didn’t rain – while I waited for my partner to pick me up. All in all my trek around Utrecht was a little bit too quick for my taste, not to mention knowing nothing at all about the food scene. Just means I’ll have a few more reasons to trek back.

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