SMIT BOKKUM | Volendam

What to do oh what to do with a restaurant gift card.
It was second Pentecost and a public holiday in the Netherlands, one of only about five we’re entitled to, and I had a whopping €50 to spend on a meal someplace. The only question remained was where. For some reason, I kept thinking of Volendam, a tourist haven that I’d never been to — I think being a magnet for tourist buses was a small detail I couldn’t overlook. With nothing to do on a weekday holiday, I asked for it and got my wish.

Luckily, the best restaurant in town took in our gift card and soon we were plopped on a quiet, corner table by the popular outdoor terrace. After a couple of sips of wine, it felt like I was really on holiday mode what with the great weather and the view of the busy marina.

As we wolfed down dessert, not surprisingly, the good weather decided to pack up and go – the sun disappeared, the weather turned gray, and it started raining! Ten minutes later as my partner got up to pay, it was still raining, which meant the end of our day was decided for us. Our summer weekend was over it seemed, and the idea of going into Volendam’s town center got cancelled just like that. Whatever the attraction was in Volendam, it’ll have to wait another time. Oh well, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

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