BATAVIA STAD 2014 | Amsterdam

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

It was the first real summer day of the year, and what better way to enjoy it than to go shopping. I also honestly thought that it would be the last thing most people here would do given the Florida-like weather – they’d surely be by the beaches or sailing or in the parks. Anything to do with the outdoors. When we finally made a turn to go into the outlet mall parking lot in Bataviastad, boy, were we wrong. If there was ever a sign that the economy’s doing okay, it was the sight of cars aimlessly searching for parking space at a shopping mall. Having car air-conditioning would have been perfect.

I can’t ever recall a time this year when I didn’t see that many Dutchies in shorts.
Knowing my partner would rather break his arm than mingle with crowds, I made sure to go to as few stores as possible. Since I don’t need formal wear to go to work – thank god – the brand-whore that I am, we made a beeline to the one store I never miss just to see if there’s a good deal. The one with a cute, chubby, smiling, classic crocodile.

No crocodile tears this time, I lucked out as there was something within budget, and doubly so as I was able to get my partner something as well. Given his new job and his somewhat more demanding responsibilities, he certainly needs to look the part. Heaven knows someone has to dress him up! We left only a little lighter in the wallet with happy smiles all around. See you later, alligator – but not too much later I hope.


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