SENCYS | May I Have The Floor


Omg it was the most exhausting weekend in recent memory but after everything was put in place and the detritus all cleaned up, we finally have a spanking new floor for our little corner of the universe.

The installers came right on the dot at 9 a.m. and for a while there it was one loud thud, crack, and saw buzz after another. I had to help as well because we only contracted them for installation, but luckily, they weren’t too strict about who does what. It was a heck of a time keeping the place clean after all the old flooring was taken out but once it was, the sense of accomplishment was incredible.

The work was pretty professional – thank god – and while I did entertain the thought of saving money by doing the installing ourselves, I have absolutely no regrets. At my age I can only take so much manual labor and all I want to do these days is just lie in bed and let someone else do the work. So to speak. We’ve also opted to change our bedroom from the larger, darker one up front to the cozier, light-filled and balcony-accessible one at the back. I think I may have just upped my standard of living in the process.


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