Patisserie Holtkamp

Years ago, I remember walking with my partner along an unfamiliar street where we found ourselves suddenly stopped in our tracks in front of a beautiful bakeshop with an old-world facade. We went in, a little sheepishly I might add, and found a little jewel box of a pastry shop. Though manned at the time by some impatient and snotty attendants, we left without ordering anything but I promised to come back someday.

Not a short time later, when our offices moved to where it is now, lo and behold the shop turned out to be only two blocks away – it was practically telling me that it was about time I stopped by. Whereas my go-to place when we were in Rembrandtplein was Patisserie Kuyt, this time around it would be Patisserie Holtkamp. It was as attractive as I remembered it.

And since it was my birthday the day before, I thought to get some baked goodies for my colleagues. Under the premise of taking a break to walk around the block and enjoy the sunshine, we walked along the busy Vijzelstraat, crossed two canals and got some cookies to go. I obviously still have a lot to learn as I mistook the Dutch word for ‘salt’ as ‘sweet’ so when we were walking back to the office, I was surprised to taste anything but sugar on one of the bags we bought. A little disappointed but a little wiser. Needless to say, the next time is going to be just a sweet-filled success.

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