Life’s A Fiesta

There goes my carbon footprint.

I was quite proud of myself before, always taking public transport to work and being a little more conscientious of the environment. I find myself rather lucky to be living someplace where there’s a decent system of getting around, one that’s clean and almost always reliable. Most mornings could be challenging, having to leave at a certain hour lest I risk missing my ride or doing an impromptu 100m dash to catch up with a quick-passing tram, I found my commute, for some of the time, therapeutic and cathartic. So long as I wasn’t being crowded in. Or it wasn’t raining.
We talked about it and talked about it some more, and are now one step closer to leveling up from our second-hand 2005 Ford Fiesta. Not more than two kilometers away was the dealer where we could test-drive the same brand and model we’ve had all these years. Much as I would’ve wanted a BMW or even an Alfra-Romeo, a brand new Fiesta is still a thing of beauty. I’d prefer a less eye-straining color, though.

We drove an hour over highways and city roads and found that despite the somewhat loud engine, it was a comfortable ride and a huge step forward from our current mode of transport. Complete with auto-this and -that, it was a sharp contrast to our vehicle which was like a throwback to the 70s, with its manual windows and locks, no AC, and inexplicably, a cassette player. Our test car on the other hand had a CD player, which in a couple of years my 8 year old nephew would probably wonder what it was for. I do hope we end up getting a new car, after all, life’s too short — so why not fiesta.

3 thoughts on “Life’s A Fiesta

  1. You wouldn't have to wait 8 years for your nephew not to know what a CD player is. A lot of kids today don't know what that is. They're so into their phones and downloading music that any other method of playing it is barbarian.


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