PLANT CHRONICLES | Farewell My Phalaenopsis

My beautiful orchid that’s given me so much over the past two and a half years is, to my deep sadness, on its last breaths. It was a beautiful, simple plant I bought during our very first winter in our flat, and waxed romantic about it more than a few times here, here and here. It was a shot of tropical color and a calming presence during innumerable gray and rainy days, and it wasn’t rare that I would just stare at it on end, as if expecting it to stare back. Even as I noticed that the leaves weren’t growing as fast – and on the contrary were quickly dying off one by one – I was hoping I could still resuscitate it back to health.

Not being a pet-person, I can now understand a little bit why some people often treat theirs like children – it was a little heartbreaking to see my cherished orchid plant go through its death throes these past weeks. It’s still safe to say that the €10 I spent on it is one of the best decisions I’d ever made. Goodbye my beautiful plant, I’m sorry to see you go.


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