SENCYS | White Wishes

Every so often way back when, we dropped by Gamma, the local version of Home Depot, Praxis, or some such store to see if we could get some inspiration. There was always something that needed to change in our flat and, even if my partner hated window shopping, I took it as an opportunity to dream up something new and inspiring, but with a caveat always in mind – that it was something we both could live with.
One thing we both agreed early on was new flooring, and for me, it had to be made of wood, it had to be unique, and of course, it had to look good. As luck would have it, we found what we both wanted in Praxis, less than five minutes’ drive away. Not only did it have all my requisites, it was also within our budget – not too cheap, not too pricey. It was the goldilocks of wooden floors.

Thank god for employment and as luck would have it, last Sunday turned out to be the day our flooring wishes came true. Needless to say, the 30% discount offer during the weekend was the clincher. Off we went back to Praxis, not for the last time I hope, for an unexpected workout – these things are bound to be heavy!

The first time I saw it, I already imagined how amazing it would look spread out in our living room – not only was it wood, it was natural wood and felt like it. I’ve seen pictures of white, wooden floors and found it attractive in a light and airy way so I’m hoping we can get an expert to lay it out soon. It’s going to be a lot of work but once it’s done, it’s going to look fantastic.

Update (22 Oct 2020): Turns out it’s not wood but laminate. And it only took me six years to find that out.


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