Home Improvement

Ever since we moved to our current flat, I’ve been somewhat bothered by the storage room that the previous owner carved out from one of the two bedrooms. It was convenient since we could store stuff close by rather than in our storage area in the basement nine floors down, but the workmanship was just so incredibly cheap-looking and amateurish, not to mention it would also have been nice to have two full bedrooms.
Well, after putting up with it for three years, we’d finally reached a point when we could do something about it. Admittedly though, we underestimated how heavy the amount of work was and for the most part just clung on to adrenaline and the anticipation of what it would look like in the end. Breaking through one part of the wall was more than enough to keep us going — the end was within reach!

Finally, after three successive nights of destruction, the last piece of the wall was in hand – another symbol of mediocrity excised from our flat. Either the insulation in our building is amazing or we have the most patient neighbors but I, for one, was very surprised that not one of our neighbors came banging on our door given we didn’t realize how late we worked each night. Next on the agenda, painting the walls and hopefully all new floors. Slowly but surely, our dream castle is coming true.


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