Rating: 4 out of 5.

Some things the Dutch do really well.

We went to an Amsterdam Forest restaurant that my partner discovered while talking his regular nature walks. The Boerderij Meerzicht literally means Lakeview Farm, and the specialty of the house is pancakes. I have to admit the experience was delicious, inviting, and given the playful theme, overall just fun. The moment I walked under the welcome arch, I knew it wasn’t just a regular park eatery.  

I loved how the grounds seemed lifted out of a theme park, from animal characters hanging on tree limbs to the children peering into the farmhouse window. The place got a bit loud from a lot of children, as expected, but we were able to settle in a quiet, adults only corner in the outdoor area. Ordering was quick enough but given how crowded the place was, it took a while before number 680 came up. When it did finally come, it looked pretty good, and it was gone in no time. Bananas and pancakes DO make a good combination.

I would definitely want to come to this place every weekend if I were a kid.
Since it was a farm, there were animals on display but not really the kind you normally see. In any regular farm, the livestock would either be milked, pulling a plow or served on a dinner table so I hope these local residents are only here for show. I can’t imagine deer milk to be very popular.

And, of course, there was a five-minute walk to the nearby lake that was beautiful and hard not to appreciate from any angle. Just another example of how the Dutch are in touch with what’s important. Young or old, sitting by a lake is just the spice of life.

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