Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

If we weren’t already close by, the idea would seem almost indulgent.
The plan was to lunch in Ghent, and for my wandering appetite, that was reason enough to celebrate. After all, any restaurant outside of the Netherlands is bound to be realistically priced — and more likely taste better.

Thanks to my snappy smartphone, I was able to get a decent idea of what was in the area. And thanks to an understanding partner, we quickly ended up in a popular – read, very busy – Belgian brasserie in Korenmarkt. While I would have preferred something more quiet and secluded, we had to settle for an outside table where the place was buzzing. I felt like I was back in Dam Square in Amsterdam — but with better architecture.


The only thing that would have made it any more ideal was if there were less crowds – the middle-aged American woman with the loud, shrill voice sitting behind us comes to mind. The food was pretty good, thankfully, and the price for the two of us didn’t break the bank.
I am officially liking this place.


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