CONCORDIA | Zierikzee

It was hot!

While I did check the weather that morning before we drove off – it forecast 15˚C for the day – it ended up being over 20, so I had to shed off two layers of clothing before sitting down for a quick breakfast in the main square. Well, sort of breakfast.


Sitting there while waiting for our order, I couldn’t help but think that Zierikzee could very well be that perfect little modern-day Medieval town. It had tons of history, loads of character, it was beautifully kept, and I even saw a few tourists with guidebooks looking lost. And seeing as we weren’t very far from the Belgian border, I could even hear some people around us speaking French. Surprisingly international, though I don’t think the Chinese or Japanese have discovered it yet as I was the only Asian within smelling distance.

I found out later on that the restaurant’s promo says ‘Since 1604’, which would be amazing to think that any restaurant has been around for that long. Whether or not that’s true, basing on the health-value of the ‘breakfast’ meal we had that day, not too many of us would be around to enjoy Concordia much longer.



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