DE BIJENKORF | Amsterdam

As far as the weather went, it was a perfect 10.

I had my quarterly doctor’s appointment yesterday and decided to give myself a mini-break of sorts. I took the day off from work and in the process got myself a long weekend, which couldn’t have started any better with the sun shining bright in a near cloudless sky. As my appointment was early in the morning and done in less than 15 minutes, I had the rest of the day free and decided to spend my hard-earned downtime in a place that felt like my second home. A tram ride later, and coincidentally just a few minutes before the doors opened, there I was standing in front of my favorite store. I made a rambling beeline to the in-house cafe for a leisurely cup of cappucio – and a spontaneous cupcake – and camped out by a bench in the outdoor roof deck. Life was good.
I’m hard-pressed to think of another department store that actually offers city views. One of my favorite things is the sight of Dam Square, which is looking less cluttered than normal from the store’s vantage point. After a few minutes of enjoying the view, I took my sweet time walking around looking at things I wouldn’t mind bringing home. Though I’m well aware that when all is said and done, things will remain just that and nothing more, it felt nice to have something to aim for somehow. Just need to keep working and dreaming.

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