Another Piece In Place

If there was a takeaway from our little home improvement project, it’s that I’m a little DIY-ser.
I discovered several weeks ago that no more than five minutes’ walk from our flat was a store that sold luxury made-to-order, wooden window blinds. Problem was they cost about the same as a Prada briefcase and took just as long to make. They were beautifully done for sure, and I was this close to actually considering it.

Thankfully, I discovered the same thing that I wanted online — at a third of the cost! Not only was it cheaper but instead of 8 weeks, I could also get them delivered after just a few days’ wait. Now who wouldn’t want that instead!? Though it seemed too good to be true, despite one specific instruction that they failed to follow – I wanted the ladder cords to be in black – everything else was what they had promised it would be.
As for actually putting them up, given how long the blinds were, I probably would’ve ended up with a bloodied nose if just I and my partner installed it ourselves. Lucky for us, a friend volunteered and was more than able to figure out how everything should be. About less than an hour and three semi-exhausted able-bodied men later, our bedroom window was as classy as it could get. All of us agreed that it gave the room a lot more character and that it was a great decision. Finally, another piece of the puzzle firmly in place – time to move on to the next.

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