WORK CHRONICLES | Sitting Pretty Pt 4

Yesterday was the last day of my first year at work. By coincidence, it was also the first day of our two-month stint in the new/old building several minutes’ walk away from our headquarters on Rembrandt Square. Coming into work that morning was accompanied with a bit of excitement and anxiety at not knowing at all what to expect. Once I got to our floor and saw my desk, I knew I’d be okay. This is the view from my desk.

Not shabby at all.
Having the Keizersgracht as my view at work isn’t anything to sneeze at, for sure. Thanking my lucky stars not just for another year at my company but to be greeted each morning by one enviable view.
Not that I’m a stranger to the area, but some colleagues and I thought to walk around the block and see what our new locale had to offer. It wasn’t long before I found another favorite bench for an impromptu photo shoot. If our team does stay here longer than the scheduled two months, it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be that bad at all.

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