My cheap thrills nowadays seem to be walks in the park. Any park.

About twenty minutes’ drive from our flat was Spaarnwoude, a rustic, quiet area northwest of Amsterdam – it’s actually where the yearly, and very low-key, Philippine Festival is held. I’d only made it there once in all these years and was a bit underwhelmed with the attractions, …but it’s certainly better than nothing.


No festival to speak of this time, we just walked around trying to salvage what’s left of a Sunday afternoon. It got too stuffy at home doing nothing so my partner decided that he wanted to go for a walk. Against my better judgment, I volunteered to come along.

It turned out to be a fairly decent day with only a slightly cold April wind, the sun coming in and out of the clouds every few minutes. The walk was a bit marred by another one of our disagreements and communication mishaps but it all came together in the end. We’re running out of parks to see in our immediate locale, which is somewhat of a bad thing as cheap thrills are getting harder and harder to come by. I’ll have to shake up the old noggin somehow and come up with some ideas soon.

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