Keukenhof 2014

Now this is what I’m talking about!
After our unexpected leisurely breakfast (compliments of a waitress whom I was told was on her first day of work), we came out of the restaurant refreshed and feeling the sunshine like it was summer. Even though there was a steady flow of tourists everywhere around us, herded by tour guides with their raised lightning rod antennas, it was still manageable when we continued on our little tour. As we walked to the center of the park, the flowers finally proved to be worth the price of admission – and what a sight they were.

The fields and fields of tulips were dreamy to look at but they’d surely be a living nightmare for anyone with allergies. The single grey cloud I did encounter was this self-entitled, middle-aged American woman holding everyone up as she tried to take a photo of her friend, at the same time exclaiming that we can all wait since they did the same with others earlier. After glaring at her and saying ‘of course, we can!’, we went on enjoying the rest of the park. As I walked around admiring and taking photos for posterity, I began feeling like I was in a theme park, only instead of fake plants and trees, what I saw were the real thing. The only things missing were the rides.
Come to think of it, Disneyland Paris isn’t really that far away. Hmmm…

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