Home Improver

This past weekend, I had the inspired idea to get classic, white, wooden blinds for the large window in our bedroom – something with black ladder cords to contrast. I was so into the idea, to the point of obsessing over it, that I asked my partner if we could go the next day to the Furniture Mall. His one condition – that we get a replacement for the living room carpet as well since he claimed that the maroon one we have right now has faded to a shade of chocolate brown. While I would agree with that assessment, I didn’t think the carpet was that bad that it needed replacing. To make matters more complicated, he wanted to get the carpet at the bane of my existence, IKEA. I said yes anyway.

Sadly, after two hours in the mall – my main objective was ‘blind-sided’ by a trip to an art store, showroom displays of new kitchens, and a light brownie brunch – my partner decided that he’d had enough and simply wanted to go home. Someone was feeling a bit grumpy, methinks. While the home improver in me would rather live carpet-less, I have no doubt that another revered IKEA creation will be part of our future – sooner rather than later.

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