Artis Zoo Amsterdam

I blame all those Madagascar and Happy Feet movies.
It was too beautiful a day to pass up so despite being by my lonesome, I decided to make myself productive and spent most of the day at the impressive Amsterdam Zoo. Between that and lazing around at Vondel Park or window-shopping, I thought it was a far more interesting idea, and certainly less damaging to my bank account. Once I knew there wasn’t any rain in the forecast, two tram rides and 40 minutes later, I was in front of the main gate along with a handful of families and couples of all ages. Thankfully, I wasn’t feeling too lonely as I brought my inner-child along with me.

Sunning meerkats, splitting giraffes and overly friendly pelicans were my company that morning. Unlike the penguins though, time flew by so fast I didn’t realize how long it’d been and found out it was already past lunch time. I had to stop for gas in front of the Bactrian camels before meeting up again with the rest of the locals.

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