Unbelievably, there’s a Mickey D’s that’s worth writing about. We were in the town of Best – yes, it’s an actual name – and stumbled onto the most unique McDonald’s store I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was practically a love letter to the 1950s, to Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean. I’d never even heard this existed in this country, and the only reason we found it at all was by happy accident. I can imagine this is what the original McDonald’s stores looked like, and I love the fact that it was like going back in time. It was all so authentically retro.

I love it when I feel like I’m in a theme park, and this place was no exception. I could very well have been in Universal Studios or Disneyland, it was almost disappointing not to see any park rides when we went out the door. For the town of Best, this certainly fits as one of the best McDonald’s stores ever, and it’s a surprise that I’d never heard of it before. While it could seem a bit over the top, whoever owns this franchise definitely put a lot of money, effort, and passion into it. I sure hope he gets his money’s worth.


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