O Little Town Of Monschau a/k/a The Brothers Grimm Would Be Proud

We finally made it. After all these years and months of talking about it, we finally made the trek to this little town in the Germany’s Eifel region. Teko’s father recommended it to us a long while back and after checking out how it looked online, I quickly knew I wanted to see it in person. If there was ever a typical German village that was the stuff of fairy tales, this was it. The town itself was quite small and manageable and though I was worried it would be overrun with tourists, I felt we were there at just the right moment.


It really couldn’t have gone any better. The weather was glorious, sunny and 19 degrees Celsius – not too cold, not too warm – perfect Goldilocks weather. The trees were still quite lifeless but it felt like Spring is really here! Seeing postcards of the town in the peak of Summer, with flowers on every balcony and window, was a sight, and while it would be interesting to see this fairy tale town magically come to life during Christmas, I don’t know if that’s enough to make me come back. Three-hour drives are starting to take its toll on us so if there are any more in the future, it’s going to have to be to places yet known. In the meantime, I can now happily scratch pretty Monschau off my list.

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