Over By Oberhausen

The geese over there sure were friendly. Being around people has definitely had its effect on the feeding patterns of the local wildlife – even the fish in the ponds knew to swim closer when we peeked over the railing. Perfect example of Darwin’s Law in action.

I think the claim that CentrO is the largest shopping and leisure center in Europe is a bit of a stretch if it didn’t include the surrounding park, arena, and mini-theme parks. While it did look huge on Google maps, in reality, we were able to walk around the area with energy to spare. The Sealife Adventure Park, where Paul the Octopus once lived in was closed, unfortunately – not that it would have made any difference since Teko would rather gouge his eyes out than spend money on it – and the Lego Discovery Center, despite its impressive Duplo-Giraffe out front, got terrible reviews online, so we ended up just soaking in the sun while walking around the area.
I did wonder what Pink had to do to earn a star on the prestigious 12,600-capacity Konig Pilsener Arena Walk of Fame.

Achtung lecker, indeed. Luckily, the sun was out and about for most of the time we were there, I couldn’t have asked for better weather in these, hopefully, last few days of winter. Maybe the next time we’re in town, I can talk my partner into one of those theme parks. Because much like with the weather over here in the low countries, hope springs eternal.

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