‘T VOSSENHOL | Naarden

A little bit of nature never hurt anyone.Teko and I decided to make something of our Sunday by going for a walk through the forests of Oud Valkeveen, about half an hour away from our flat. Oddly, even with the sun shining and woodpeckers pecking, the place reminded me of The Omen – I was just waiting for wild animals to come attack us at some point. It had to do, I suppose, with the dead-looking trees and the lack of people all around. Just my imagination on overdrive as usual. Thankfully, we came out unscathed and ended up refreshed by the crisp air and relatively quiet landscape. I may be hoping against hope but the weather felt almost Spring-like. Could it be that Spring is just around the corner!


We ended our little excursion with a lunch of Dutch pancakes in the kid-themed local restaurant, right next to a huge children’s playground. While Teko got the old-fashioned version and rolled it up the old-fashioned way, I decided to go for something more complicated – with bacon, cheese, onions, and mushrooms – and surprised myself by nearly finishing all of it. It still amazes me that there are these restaurants in the middle of nowhere and that there are enough people to actually keep them running. Even more surprising, the service staff was smiling and attentive, asking us every so often if everything was all right. For a moment there I thought I was back in the States. There’s hope for this country, yet.



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