Everyone sure is in the Olympic spirit.
Someone from work suggested we all go on an outing, and skating was on the menu. I was surprised to find out that it was at the old Olympic Stadium, where they held the Olympic Games in 1928! These people mean serious business. It was so popular that some nights were already sold out, and the date closest to when we wanted to go ended up being on a Monday night. After thinking about it several times over and finding out there was still one ticket available, I said yes and prepared myself for what could prove to be an inevitable impromptu visit to the emergency room.

I’ve only ever ice skated once in my life and in retrospect, it wasn’t pretty. I remember the loss of control and utter vulnerability, and the couple of times feeling the cold, hard ice after falling flat on my ass. While I did entertain the notion of actually donning skates and attempting to relive my Ice Castle fantasies, my practical side won out in the end. There would be nothing sprained or broken that night.

While going out on a Monday night seemed so out of the box, so rebellious – a likely what-was-I-thinking kind of moment – it turned out to be quite manageable in the end. Not only did I make it through unscathed, I eventually got to bed in record time since I had my own private chauffeur pick me up and bring me straight home. Dank je wel, schat! You make my life as smooth as ice.

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