MCDONALD’S | Anti-V-Day Innoculation

As a compromise – and partly to be ironic – we ended our commemoration of Valentine’s Day with a dinner at my partner’s favorite restaurant of all time. Conveniently, a new outpost was recently opened about five minutes’ drive from our flat. Lucky me.

The waitress suggested the special of the month, which was only available for a limited time. With influences from the new world and a nod to the colonial south, I went ahead and ordered the California Tomato Piquant. This is what it looks like on their web site.

Compare it to what I found once I opened the box, with much anticipation. Definitely a Michael Douglas-moment from Falling Down.

While it is a far cry from the splendor of our lunch earlier, and notwithstanding how it looked in real life, the burger did have some redeeming value. It tasted good enough and quite likely cost a dozen times cheaper. Like I’ve said many times over, my and my partner’s tastes tend to run in opposite directions, but even I have to admit having white linen service every day can get tiresome. A little bit of compromise can be healthy some of the time.

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