Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

It’s once again that time of year when couples, and men and their sister-wives show everyone else how much happier they are not being single. To commemorate this Hallmark holiday, I decided to take V-day off so that Teko and I could celebrate this day of love in the most casual a style as possible. Since most Dutchies couldn’t care less – I was told that only a quarter of all Dutch people celebrate cupid’s day – it definitely made it easier for me to plan our day, especially since the entire city wasn’t doing the same thing.


I swore many times over that I would never, ever, again, ever be one of those lemmings that made dinner reservations in the city, jostling for what little privacy there was in the usually cramped spaces of Dutch restaurants. I still remember what it’s like not to be in a relationship and pretending (or maybe not) to be happy being single. And while ‘One’ may be the loneliest number, for the cynical, old me it was certainly better than being in a crowd of poseurs. So I changed gears this time and planned to commemorate the day instead over a hearty, leisurely lunch, and it was at a place I’d long wanted to go to. Thankfully, I was right on the money.


Set in a converted greenhouse, De Kas was beautiful. Located in Frankendael Park, I could just imagine how much more gorgeous it would be with Spring flowers and everything green. From the outside I was already attracted by how huge the space inside was, and couldn’t wait to see what all the talk was about. I had a good feeling the moment we walked in as every table seemed set up like a work of art, just waiting to be admired. There were only a few tables occupied, and even when it got busier later on, it didn’t take away from the experience at all.

As lunches went, it was more expensive than I anticipated, but the light and airy atmosphere inside was perfect even for winter, the service was impeccable, and the food may as well have been Michelin-level. All that very well explained the bill we received at the end, I suppose. But what I loved most was the relaxed and easy-going way it all went, and how elegant a weekday lunch it was. I walked away with a satisfied look, and a goodie bag filled with heart-shaped cookies. Nice touch. As V-days go I may have stumbled onto a good idea here.

P.S. Anthony, this is one of the places I wanted to bring you guys to last time! You have to come back.

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