INTRATUIN | Amsterdam

On the morning of the feast day of Saint Valentine’s, Teko and I decided to spend some time in a greenhouse. What better way to start off the day than to be surrounded by nature in all her man-made glory. I was surprised to see a lot of flowering plants being sold as I was sure they would never survive the winter weather – it is still only February after all. But I was told by my wise partner that they would indeed, and come out in peak form by Spring. Fingers crossed we won’t have a repeat of last year — snow in April can just be so depressing.


While they were all quite pretty to look at – the cactus collection was particularly eye-catching – I knew from the start that it would all be downhill once I brought them home. Apart from my one amazingly sturdy, still-flowering orchid plant from two years ago, most of my green thumb endeavors ended up peaking and fading away, outgrowing and overgrowing their cuteness, or simply being thrown away. I thought to buy at least one for my work desk but quickly realized that I may be getting ahead of myself. Better to wait for another contract before investing on office decor.


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