The Hague Redux

I remember my first few months in the Netherlands and, in retrospect, it was like an illusion. I was still fresh from the States so I still had that American confidence – misplaced as it was – and despite my slowly depleting finances still had a rosy picture of my European future. The first friends I made were mainly Filipinos from Den Haag so it became one of the first Dutch cities I got acquainted with. It’s been forever and a day since I was in the Netherlands’ seat of government so the few hours we were there last weekend turned into a small trip back in time.

I got to see the Binnenhof again where parliament is located and it’s refreshing to see that security here doesn’t get in the way of us tourists. We had the space nearly all to ourselves, and with the sun shining I couldn’t ask for much more. It’s also a bit hard to believe that these buildings housed the most important politicians in the country. In any other situation, that much ego would assuredly come equipped with an equally large entourage and sense of self-importance but I felt none of that when I was there. Thank god for Dutch practicality and socialism.
It was nice to get re-acquainted with Den Haag, especially given my relatively improved conditions. I’m a lot older and wiser but still rosy enough to see this city in a good light.


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