BOOM CHICAGO | Amsterdam

It seemed like the perfect night for it so off we went last Friday to see a show over by Boom Chicago. When I heard that it was a live comedy show that poked fun at the Dutch – and was in English! – it was an easy decision to go along with a couple of work colleagues. But first it was dinner at an Argentine restaurant within skipping distance from the theatre, right across from the Westerkerk.

The food was quick and deliciously straightforward. We had the chorizo to start which, since it looked quite similar to the Philippine longanisa, surprised me with a little bit of spiciness. It paired well with the bread and, downed with gulps of red wine, made a nice introduction to Argentinian cuisine. The small slab of steak was juicy and just the right size – any larger would have made me too full for comfort – perfectly rounded off with a still steaming baked potato and sour cream. The service was absolutely not Dutch – it was attentive and the waitress’s English was perfect – and I do hope the restaurant doesn’t find itself unexpectedly closing down as for the entire 2.5 hours, there was no one but us in the dining room. That’s somewhat distressing considering it was a Friday night. Wonder why?

If memory serves, it may well have marked the first time I’d ever been to a live stage performance in this country. One of my frustrations has always been that the theatre shows here are all in Dutch, which meant I could never fully enjoy any of them. Turned out that not only was the show entirely in English, but the performers were all American. Certainly made me feel nostalgic somehow.

The show, thankfully, turned out to be quite funny and hit a lot of high notes, especially the particular jibes about Dutch birthdays and the social graces of I.T. peeps. To cap it all perfectly, instead of trudging home via public transport, I got chauffered by my very own Teko who waited outside the theatre for me. Thank you, schatje! As for the dinner and show, thank you for the unexpected treat, Sofia and Pedro! Will have to return the favor the next time!

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